Brazhnikov Petr Vladimirovich

Brazhnikov Petr Vladimirovich

Brazhnikov Petr Vladimirovich (born 1976, Moscow, RSFSR, USSR) – Russian international lawyer, attorney, founder and owner of the Dutch law firm Brazhnikov & Partners Ltd.

Brazhnikov began his professional career as a specialist in the field of maritime jurisprudence in a large organization ZAO Astra-Flot (Murmansk), engaged in water cargo transportation. Subsequently, the lawyer founded his own office in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) – a private limited liability company Brazhnikov & Partners Ltd and, thanks to his high professionalism and extensive knowledge in the legal field, managed to become an honorary member of the Royal Dutch Association of Maritime Lawyers.

Brazhnikov’s company, which has been conducting its licensed activity for over ten years, deals with issues of maritime law and international law, corporate taxation, legal support of ship chartering transactions, representing the interests of ship owners in arbitration and arbitration courts of the Netherlands.

The staff of Brazhnikov & Partners Ltd is made up of top-class specialists – legal and tax consultants, lawyers with extensive experience in large government agencies and law enforcement agencies, sincerely dedicated to their work, showing great professional ethics and attentiveness to the smallest legal nuances. Services are provided in several languages: English, Dutch, Russian, French and German.

Basic principles of the company:

clear understanding of the client’s tasks and efficiency in solving them;

strict confidentiality in organizational matters, in working with documentation and in relation to information;

caring for our reputation and building long-term relationships with clients based on honesty and trust.

The activities of the company are very wide and varied. It regulates and protects the interests of shipowners at different levels: national, European, international:

assists in the registration of ships, the establishment and management of shipping companies;

advises on management, investments, charter services, ship audit, personal and corporate taxes of ship owners, payroll;

conducts legal due diligence on contracts in accordance with Dutch government law.

In recent years, the success and popularity of Brazhnikov & Partners Ltd has been growing rapidly. The main secret of its prosperity lies in the well-coordinated work of competent and truly savvy in all the legal intricacies of specialists. The firm cooperates with high-level lawyers from fifteen countries of the world. Her clients are leading international and transnational shipping corporations. The organization is actively opening new offices throughout – in CyprusMaltaGreat BritainGibraltar.

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